Modernizing Medicine has launched enhanced patient engagement tools powered by Relatient that are designed to reduce no-shows and improve patient compliance, satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Patients who do not show for appointments can be a significant cost and efficiency drain to practices, yet many practices do not track their no-show rate or quantify the cost. 

The new patient engagement tools work seamlessly with Modernizing Medicine’s practice management software and the company says they can:

·      Confirm appointments with automated texts, emails and phone calls

·      Remind patients of upcoming appointments

·      Engage no-show patients for a future appointment

·      Update patients with last-minute schedule changes or delays

·      Receive feedback after each appointment with automated patient surveys

“As a practicing physician, I want happy patients who return to my office for care,” shares Dr. Michael Sherling, chief medical and strategy officer at Modernizing Medicine. “Patient engagement is not only a key component of value-based care, but it’s also simply the right way to approach care delivery. Providers who embrace this technology should experience both improved practice efficiency and patient satisfaction. Both the practice and the patients win.”

The new patient engagement offerings include Patient Reminders and Patient Surveys for dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, pain management, otolaryngology, urology and plastic surgery customers.