Neova SmartSkinCare is launching its Clinical Recovery range of products. The line of six new products is formulated to keep skin calm, soothed, hydrated, and protected following microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, chemical peels,K and laser hair removal treatments for increased rates of healing, optimal skin recovery, significantly improved downtimes, and decreased risks of adverse side effects in post-procedure skin. Containing a revolutionary Copper Peptide Complex® based on more than 20 years of scientific research in cellular regeneration that is so monumental that it is protected by 7 active patents and is clinically shown to enhance healing of dermal wounds, tissue remodeling and stimulate skin renewal.

A body of evidence reveals that if skin is treated with copper peptides within two hours after a procedure, post-treatment redness and inflammation is avoided without the use of corticosteroids.  Skin rebuilding is hastened while scars and infections are greatly lessened. According to the company, when skin is damaged, copper is released by the body to come to its aid as the wound healing process is activated. Essentially, copper signals the repair process to begin. Studies document its benefit when used in a wide variety of wounds, including surgical, post-laser, and even burns. Moreover, cellular pathways involved in dermal repair and skin regeneration are disrupted when skin is damaged. This delays healing and may result in excessive inflammation and scarring. From a strong body of clinical studies, it has been concluded that Copper Peptide Complex found in the Clinical Recovery formulas, is able to restore the healthy functioning and “cross-talk” of essential cellular pathways in dermal repair by resetting DNA to a healthier state. This in turn enhances healing of dermal wounds and stimulates skin renewal and is important because copper is required by for more than a dozen vital enzymes in the skin including those that participate in tissue formation, antioxidant defense and cellular respiration. 

The six product range with Copper Peptide Complex includes:

Clinical Recovery Cu3 Gentle Cleanser. Cream-to-foaming Copper Tri-Peptide wash balances skin and maintains moisture while gently and efficiently removing oils and environmental contaminants.

Clinical Recovery Cu3 Recovery Spray Rehabilitating Mist. Soothing spray deposits pure Copper Tri-Peptide droplets on tender skin to relieve tightness and moisture deprivation post-procedure. Cooling and moistening droplets comfort tender skin and aid in recovery with Retinol and concentrated micronutrients including Bilberry, Orange, and Lemon fruit extracts and Green Tea leaf extract. 

Clinical Recovery Cu3 Transforming Gel Recovery Mask. Clinical strength hydrating gel renews and calms distressed, sunburned or jet-lagged skin. Calming gel delivers pure Copper Tri-Peptide to relieve tightness and moisture deprivation for parched, tender skin. As an at-home treatment, the mask is recommended to counteract skin laxity, loss of firmness or elasticity and skin dehydration.

Clinical Recovery Cu3 Tissue Repair Recovery Cream. Copper Tri-Peptides and a soothing, occlusive petrolatum base promote natural regeneration, maintain a moist wound environment, and help prevent scabbing.

Clinical Recovery Cu3 Recovery Lotion Comfort Formula. Mid-weight, recuperative lotion, with Copper Tri-Peptides locks in moisture and protects stressed, compromised skin. Copper Tri-Peptides in an occlusive petrolatum base promote natural regeneration, maintain a moist wound environment, and help prevent scabbing. 

Clinical Recovery Cu3 Lip Repair. Occlusive petrolatum base rich with Copper Peptide Complex seals moisture in and effects of sun, cold, and wind exposure out to nourish and protect lips.  Apply directly on lips. Excellent protection during and after procedures or for daily conditioning.

Clinical Recovery Kit in Signature Travel Bag. Dermatologist tested for post microdermabrasions, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and laser hair removal to keep skin calm, soothed, hydrated and protected with reduced downtime.

IAMIN Moist Dressings. The modern concept of prescribing a moist environment for the treatment of wounds has become the gold standard for care. A moist environment, like the Neova Iamin Moist Dressings, has been proven to facilitate the healing process, improve the aesthetics of the wound and is FDA approved for the dressing and management of graft donor and recipient sites, Postoperative incisions, 1st and 2nd degree burns, arterial ulcers, pressure sores and skin conditions associated with peristomal care.

NEOVA Clinical Recovery range is available beginning in September 2018 at more than 2,500 dermatologist offices nationwide and online at