Ortho Dermatologics Launches Telemedicine on Dermatology.com, US Cash-Pay Prescription Program image

Bausch Health Companies Inc. and its dermatology business, Ortho Dermatologics, launched a new telemedicine platform on Dermatology.com, the first and only non-reimbursed, cash-pay prescription program in dermatology in the United States. The enhanced website will offer patients the ability to consult with a health care professional, order, and potentially receive a prescription on-demand for many of the branded dermatology products available in the program. Some products, such as Solodyn (minocycline hydrochloride) extended release tablets, Efudex (fluorouracil) topical cream, 5%, and Aldara (imiquimod) cream, 5%, which are for more serious skin conditions, will require an in-office visit instead.

"At Ortho Dermatologics, we understand that patients with certain skin conditions, particularly acne and fine lines and wrinkles, can face multiple barriers to getting the skin care treatments they need," says Bill Humphries, president, Ortho Dermatologics. "By providing an on-demand solution where patients can conveniently consult with a medical professional online, order our clinically proven medicines directly, and receive prompt delivery, we believe we can deliver the best possible experience and access for patients."

To use the new telemedicine service on Dermatology.com, patients are required to submit a photo of their skin-related need and other information on their health, medical history, and lifestyle via their mobile device or desktop. Once the submission is placed, which takes approximately three minutes, the patient will receive an email confirmation stating that their submission is being reviewed by a health care provider. Typically within 24 hours, the health care provider will either provide the patient with a prescription for one of the company's branded prescription products available on the site, based on the assessment by the health care provider, or recommend the patient visit a board-certified dermatologist if the skin condition warrants an in-person consultation. To help these patients connect directly to a board-certified dermatologist, the site will feature a direct link to the American Academy of Dermatology Association's Find a Dermatologist locator.

Through Dermatology.com, patients have direct access to many of Ortho Dermatologics' proven, high-quality, branded dermatology medicines. The products available on the site include Retin-A (tretinoin) cream as well as newer products such as Altreno (tretinoin) Lotion, 0.05%. The company also recently added four more products to the program, Solodyn (minocycline hydrochloride) extended release tablets, Renova (tretinoin cream 0.02%), Loprox shampoo (ciclopirox 1%), and BenzEFoam (benzoyl peroxide emollient foam 5.3%/9.8%), bringing the total product count to 15. The addition of BenzEFoam 5.3% also marks the site's first over-the-counter option for patients.

Since its launch in March 2019 , Dermatology.com has helped thousands of patients get access to branded dermatology products at transparent prices through participating pharmacies, including all Walgreens U.S. retail pharmacies.