Patients with Chronic Conditions Who Experience Telehealth Rated it Higher than Those Who Have Not image

People who have tried telehealth since the onset of COVID-19 have a significantly different perception of its value than those who've not yet experienced a virtual doctor appointment, and they wish to use it again in the future. That’s the finding from a survey from MyHealthTeams, creator of the largest and fastest-growing social networks for people facing chronic health conditions.

Those who have tried telehealth since March (versus those who have never tried it), rate it significantly higher than in-person appointments on four key measures:

  • More convenient: 67% (versus 43%)
  • Safer: 64% (versus 41%)
  • Easier: 62% (versus 37%)
  • Better for routine matters (such as checking in, refilling prescriptions, getting referrals): 57% (versus 47%)

A majority (57%) of those who have tried telehealth since March say they are likely to use it in the future, post-pandemic—as compared to only 33% of those who have never tried it.

The survey, completed by 1,232 registered members of MyLupusTeam, MyParkinsonsTeam and MyCOPDTeam in July - represented a diverse cross-section of people with chronic conditions facing the difficulty of managing their condition during the coronavirus outbreak.  Results showed a huge uptick in telehealth usage, with 59% of those surveyed making use of telehealth appointments since March, up from only 11% before then. 

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