P&G to Unveil Improved Opte Precision Skincare System at CES 2020 image

P&G Ventures, the startup studio within Procter & Gamble, is slated to showcase the Opte Precision Skincare System, the first personalized handheld inkjet printer to instantly make the appearance of skin's hyperpigmentation disappear and fade spots over time, at CES 2020.

CES 2020 will take place in Las Vegas from Jan. 7 -10, 2020.

Opte is creating a new category of at-home precise skincare solutions and is set to go to market in Summer 2020. It first debuted at CES 2019, where the device received four "Best Of" awards. This year, Opte will return to CES as a prestigious Innovation Award Honoree to offer an inside look at how the device has progressed. Opte is now 70 percent less expensive, can process skin images 30 percent faster,  has an improved user interface and upgraded OLED display and is more portable and adds connectivity to assure a better user experience, P & G Ventures states.

The Opte wand scans the skin with an enhanced digital camera that captures 200 frames per second and instantly analyzes each image using a proprietary algorithm to detect tonal imperfections not visible to the human eye. Using input from the algorithm, Opte precisely prints via a new-to-the-world, custom thermal inkjet printer and cartridge, depositing picolitre droplets of Spot Optimizing Serum on target areas until there is a perfect color match with the surrounding skin tone. Correcting in real time, Opte also faces the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation spots over time.