Proactiv Works to Change the Conversation about Acne with New Initiatives image

Proactiv is taking on the acne positivity movement with new initiatives aimed to help validate the emotional journey of people with acne and inspire compassion for others.

As part of these initiatives, Brand Ambassador Kendall Jenner will continue to talk about acne and share her Proactiv journey and the brand will collaborate with Teen Vogue for "Paint Positivity: Because Words Matter" event and social media campaign.

"#PaintPositivity #BecauseWordsMatter" kicks off with a series of exclusive content across Teen Vogue's social platforms. Coverage will showcase the effects of hateful words on the self-esteem of young acne sufferers, and emphasize how advocating for them can help restore their confidence.

The movement will be brought to life through the work of interdisciplinary artist and Brooklyn native, Alice Mizrachi, who has designed a "#PaintPositivity #BecauseWordsMatter"-themed mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that will be finished with the help of the public. To celebrate, consumers can attend an event at the mural site, where they will be invited to participate by physically removing hateful comments by painting over them. Additionally, acne sufferers and advocates will be able to pledge their support by recording and sharing their stories at the pledge booth and enjoy Van Leeuwen ice cream.

"At Proactiv we recognize that everyone's acne experience is different," says Megan MacDonald Brand Representative at The Proactiv Company, in a news release. "As a brand that has owned the acne space for over 20 years, it is our responsibility to not only help educate people on the emotional effects of acne but also to help others to understand that acne is a skin disease that should no longer be trivialized. Paint Positivity will help give us that platform and this NYC event will be one of the many initiatives we have for the rest of the year."

"Teen Vogue is committed to building a community of young people who are passionate about leading cultural conversations and making change," says Lindsay Peoples Wagner, editor in chief of Teen Vogue. "Acne is something that has impacted our readers and editors alike, so we're excited to team with Proactiv for the launch of this initiative that will inspire a more positive dialogue around acne."

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