Using ceramide-infused products on baby skin may have long-term benefits lasting into adulthood, according to a newly published study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Beyond neonatal and infant development, the research showed that incorporating moisturizers and cleansers with ceramides can help prevent ceramide depletion and dermatologic issues that are common in adulthood such as atopic dermatitis.

The study analyzed the role of ceramides in the vernix caseosa. Since the vernix caseosa is removed after birth, it becomes critical that those ceramides continue to be restored to support a baby's skin barrier.

Coral Springs, FL-based pediatric dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon Latanya Benjamin, MD is one of the seven experts on a panel of dermatologists who developed statements on the role that moisturizers with ceramides play on a baby's skin health. Therapeutic skincare brand CeraVe is partnering with Dr. Benjamin to educate on how to care for baby skin and why she recommends the CeraVe line of ceramide-infused baby products for her patients.

"Baby skin is different than adult skin, and a key characteristic of baby skin is its delicacy while developing, which results in more susceptibility to dryness and common conditions like eczema," says Dr. Benjamin in a news release. "While ceramides are naturally found in baby skin beginning in the third trimester of pregnancy, they should play a pivotal role in a baby's daily care routine, as utilizing products with ceramides from birth, like those in the CeraVe Baby line, can help replenish the protective barrier and restore hydration as the skin matures."