Sun Pharma Launches New AH-ha! It’s Acne Hormones Campaign

Sun Pharma Launches New AHha Its Acne Hormones Campaign image

Campaign spokesperson Dr. Sandra Lee chats with DermWire about the role hormones play in causing acne.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc, is launching "AH-ha! It's Acne Hormones," an awareness campaign featuring Sandra Lee, MD (AKA TLC's "Dr. Pimple Popper"). 

The campaign is designed to spotlight hormones as a major underlying cause of acne, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, and dispel misconceptions about acne, including that it happens only in teenaged years and is caused by behaviors – like eating junk food. The campaign features graffiti-style visuals of more than 20 individuals at different life stages who share their struggles with acne.

Dr. Lee spoke to DermWire about her involvement in the new campaign and what viewers can expect as it rolls out during 2023.

“I joined forces with Sun Pharma because I believe that there needs to be more education about the biological causes of acne in a way that resonates and sticks with people of different ages,” she said. “I will be ‘popping’ these common myths through the campaign website, digital ads, and on social media to provide education in an entertaining and memorable way.”

This campaign can also educate dermatologists about what patients really want to know about acne.

“We know that dermatology is a very fast-paced specialty, and sometimes we may be in a hurry and overlook the important fact that many patients really want to know why they are breaking out: They need to know it’s not their fault," she said. “They need to know they can take control with the right knowledge and tools.”

Dermatologists must take the time to explain that hormones underlie the cause of acne in the skin, not external factors such as stress, makeup, certain foods, or sweating/sports.

“In addition, acne, depending on severity, can be frustrating and difficult to prevent or treat without the help of a dermatologist to recommend a proper skin care regimen—which may involve over-the-counter and/or prescription products,” she said. 

"Our market research revealed that people with acne have a strong desire to see their struggles with acne recognized, for example in acne product advertising, but also to have themselves depicted as more than just their acne," added Andy Nelson, vice president of sales and marketing, medical dermatology, Sun Pharma, in a news release. "We have therefore devised the 'AH-ha! It's Acne Hormones' campaign featuring Dr. Lee as a unique way to showcase the diversity of people impacted by this common dermatological condition, while also highlighting the role of hormones in the skin as the start of the acne cycle."

Sun Pharma markets Winlevi, a first-in-class topical androgen receptor inhibitor.

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