Survey: More than Half of Americans Seek Skin Care and Other Products Aligned with Sustainable Lifestyles

A recent consumer sentiment survey showed that over half of Americans are inclined to try new products (including those for skin care) marketed as aligned with healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

The survey, conducted by NCSolutions, showed a significant emphasis on health and environmental considerations in consumer purchasing behavior, with health benefits and eco-friendly attributes driving recent product purchases. The survey highlighted a growing trend towards eco-consciousness, with younger generations particularly inclined to consider the environmental impact of their product choices. There was a strong correlation between brand loyalty and alignment with personal values, with brands emphasizing health and sustainability enjoying enhanced brand perception. Consumers were also shown to consider healthy and sustainable factors when making purchasing decisions across various product categories (including skin care products), with a significant portion expressing influence from advertising channels such as TV, social media, and internet display ads.

Among the study's key findings:

  • Nearly six out of 10 Americans (59%) purchased a new consumer packaged goods product recently that improves health and well-being, and 27% because it's good for the environment
  • Forty-two percent of Americans say their overall positive perception of the brand is enhanced when its marketing of healthy and sustainable products aligns with their values and preferences
  • Four out of 10 consumers always or often prioritize the environment when shopping for laundry or cleaning products, and 37% consider our earth when they shop for skin care products and food and beverages

"As preferences evolve, health and sustainability have become non-negotiable social pillars for some consumers," said Dan Malmed, chief revenue officer, NCSolutions. "The NCS consumer sentiment survey results demonstrate that emphasizing healthy and sustainable values highly influences how consumers feel about a brand. By prioritizing these important product attributes, CPG brands can not only meet market demands, but they can also drive long-term growth and be more relevant in an increasingly conscious marketplace."

Reprinted with permission from Modern Aesthetics

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