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The global population continues to age, but an ever-increasing proportion of patients refuses to get “old.” For decades, dermatologists and, to a large extent, marketers have convinced the public that appropriate skin care can be an essential part of maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin. Ample evidence shows that good skincare can protect the skin, help improve the appearance of aging, and even enhance outcomes from rejuvenating procedures.

The problem for many patients and their doctors has been finding the right products to meet each individual’s needs in an efficient, convenient manner. It was a recognition of the need for good, quality, medical-grade, skin care products to meet patients’ needs that led to the founding of brandMD® Skin Care. More than 14 years later, brandMD® Skin Care has evolved to be a leading medical grade, technology-based skin care company that specializes in private labeling to medically licensed physicians nationwide, including many dermatologists and plastic surgeons. In addition to over-the-counter and cosmeceutical products, the company even produces prescription products. (Contact brandMD® Skin Care to learn more about products and private label opportunities.)

Despite growth and its commitment to “think big,” brandMD® Skin Care remains dedicated to personalized attention, with a focus on customer service and long-lasting relationships more in the tradition of a small business, versus a Fortune 500 company.

After more than a decade of extensive research, clinical testing and physician feedback, brandMD® Skin Care  has developed a diverse portfolio of technology-based formulas to address a wide range of patient concerns. Among its most recent innovations is brandMD® Skin Care’s Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum, which features an innovative peptide complex, rich in Biochanin A, that is intended to promote thicker, fuller lashes with visible results within two weeks of regular use. In clinical assessments, brandMD® Skin Care’s Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum has been shown to significantly promote eyelash growth and combat the loss of eyelashes.

Finding Synergies

A key emerging aspect of successful skin care has been the role of synergistic strategies. Skin protection via use of SPF is as important as use of topical products to help rejuvenate. As much as procedures can improve the signs of skin aging, results will be enhanced and maintained with a proper topical skincare regimen. The concept of synergy is also essential to formulating effective skincare.

brandMD® Skin Care never relies on a single ingredient to address any dermatologic concern. A significant challenge in topical formulation development is finding the proper combinations of synergistic actives to provide optimal effects. Unfortunately, some combinations that seem intuitively ideal may not be compatible in a finished formulation. In other cases, a seemingly beneficial combination could prove to be too harsh or irritating in actual use. At brandMD® Skin Care, the synergistic approach to product development focuses on using multiple actives with the highest concentrations safely available to provide transformative results.

Beyond its line of skincare products and its specialty manufacturing capabilities, brandMD® Skin Care is primarily a full-service private-label skincare company. Private label is the process by which products are customized and branded with the physician’s logo. Few private label companies provide full-bottle labeling. brandMD® Skin Care displays the physician’s contact information on the back of the bottle, further redirecting patients to the office.

brandMD® Skin Care fully manufactures all its own products; there is no “middle man” to add to the cost of production or delivery. This results in lower overall costs and, as a consequence, increased margins for dispensing practices.

A Closer Look at brandMD® Skin Care’s Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum

The open, randomized trial involved 17 subjects (Avg. age: 49.4 ± 14.4 years old). One eye was treated with brandMD® Skin Care’s Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum. The other eye received vehicle only. On the treated side, after eight weeks:

  • Lash density increased up to 27%
  • 93% had an effect
  • 73% had improved lash density at 4 weeks
  • There was an increase in new lashes and decrease in falling lashes.

The approach to private label varies from company to company, so a practice should carefully assess its potential relationship with any private label firm. Of course, effective products are fundamental. Additionally, factors such as costs, support, and service are differentiators. For example, at brandMD® Skin Care , there are no contractual obligations to sell products at a set price. Accounts are free to choose their own retail price and can discount. Of course, brandMD® Skin Care realizes that most practices need education and guidance on skincare dispensing and will support and guide practices in setting prices so that they are competitive.

Individualized Approaches

Dermatologists know each patient has unique needs and are well aware that no single product will be suitable for every patient. The company offers many products to choose from for practice inventory so that physicians can tailor individual regimens.

Just as each patient is unique, so is each practice. Private label skincare is one more way practices stand apart. As practices increasingly struggle with patients purchasing skincare from competitors, including online, private labeling ensures the products a practice dispenses can be acquired only through that practice.

Often overlooked is the benefit of dispensed skincare as a way to extend and strengthen the physician/patient relationship. For one, patients expect their dermatologist to be an expert on skincare. In most cases, they expect that expertise to be reflected in specific product recommendations. Offering patients a personally-branded line of products reinforces that expertise. When the products provide notable skin improvement and patients enjoy using them, the goodwill benefit to the practice is substantial. And that goodwill is likely to translate to direct financial benefits to the practice, as the patient becomes a more active consumer of services.

Since private label products are available from only one source—the physician’s office—patients must return to the practice when they need new product. Whether they order directly from you online or physically come to the practice doesn’t matter. The key is that there is a recurring touchpoint with the practice. These interactions support patient loyalty and increase the likelihood that the patient will eventually come to the practice for a retreatment or new treatment.

Consider brandMD® Skin Care’s Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum, developed in direct response to a recognized but largely unmet need. In the clinical evaluation, patients had a 45.5 percent increase in young lashes after eight weeks—an improvement that is clearly visible to the product user. Eyelash length increased five times by eight weeks. In addition to supporting patient satisfaction, this level of visible benefit encourages ongoing product use and adherence, building a strong, loyal customer base.

Building Awareness

Private-label skincare is an ideal way to build and expand marketing efforts. The patient interacts with the practice each time he or she needs additional product; the physician/practice name is reinforced every time the patient picks up and uses the product.

Additionally, private-label skincare is one more reason for patients to discuss a physician or practice with their friends and acquaintances. Patients may not always be willing to discuss procedures with others. Although the cosmetic surgery taboo is lifting, some individuals still consider injectables, lasers, or surgical procedures to be private matters. But skincare is universal, and many patients are excited to endorse and recommend products. When patients are enthused by your private label products, they are—in effect—recommending and endorsing you. Acquaintances who accept that endorsement will come to you for products. That newly referred skincare buyer could become a long-term patient.

Welcoming Labels

Being labeled has negative connotations in social settings, but when it comes to dermatology practice, labeling presents a positive opportunity. Private-label skincare is beneficial to patients and practices when done right and with the right products. As a partner to thousands of dermatologists and plastic surgeons, brandMD® Skin Care has established itself as a true leader in providing effective, quality products that support good skin health and a healthy practice.

The brandMD® Skin Care Philosophy

  • Multi-active, synergistic formulas; superior results
  • Medical grade skin care; highest concentration of actives w/o Rx
  • Exclusive to medical professionals
  • Produced at credential facilities; state-of-the-art,
    FDA registered facility; cGMP compliant; 503B facility

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