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As you probably know, effective marketing is a key ingredient in the recipe for the growth and success of your dermatology practice. However, finding the perfect recipe for effective marketing is challenging because it is constantly changing. As technology, trends, and the habits of the public change, your strategy needs to evolve to keep up. This is the ideal time to look back at what has changed and look ahead at what is expected to change.

The evolution of marketing

Technology, specifically the internet, has changed how people communicate, shop, and even choose medical providers. Being a licensed and experienced dermatologist is no longer enough to establish credibility and earn trust. A simple advertisement is no longer enough to convince someone to choose your practice. Today’s consumers are proactive, educated, and have high expectations.

Effective marketing includes building a solid online presence, establishing a good reputation, acquiring reviews, creating a quality website with plenty of practice details, and more. With ample opportunity for communication and interactivity, digital marketing allows you to begin earning loyalty and developing a doctor-patient relationship, even before the person visits your practice. For several years marketing has been evolving toward personalization and relationship-building, which remains a predominant theme.

Top trends to know

The continuing rise of social video. Video has been a rising star of digital marketing for several years, and that trend shows no signs of slowing. According to a recent report by Animoto, social media users prefer to see a video over other types of content from brands. Social media platforms also encourage video use, with popular features, such as stories and live video. Additionally, Instagram is rumored to be increasing the focus on videos in the main newsfeed.

Although people spend more time on social media, they rarely linger on one post for very long. For networks such as Facebook, the trend is bite-sized content, including short video clips. For lengthier, in-depth videos, YouTube is an ideal channel. Don’t overlook the opportunity to showcase video content on your dermatology website.

Podcasting takes center stage. Podcasting had been a fringe marketing tactic for a few years. However, with a steadily growing audience of avid listeners, expect it to be more of a staple in the coming years. Hubspot data show that fewer than 20 percent of marketers currently utilize podcasts. Yet, more than a third of those now podcasting consider it one of their most effective channels. Furthermore, about 43 percent of marketers intend to increase spending on podcast marketing in 2022. If you have considered starting your own podcast, now is a great time to do so.

Diversifying SEO. You might envision typing a query into a text box when thinking of an internet search. That was the original format for Google and other search engines. While it is still a popular option, it is no longer the only choice. Voice and image search media are becoming more sophisticated and more popular. That means SEO (search engine optimization) is becoming multi-faceted.

For dermatology practices, voice search optimization is especially important. People tend to use short phrases for text-based search. For example, someone might search for dermal filler procedure. However, voice search queries tend to be longer, more specific, and worded as questions. For example, someone might ask: How long does it take to get dermal fillers? FAQ pages, titles framed as questions, and content that provides comprehensive answers tend to perform well.

Enhanced communication. As technology improves and advances, people’s expectations evolve accordingly. It is no longer an extra convenience to offer multiple communication options, and it is an expectation. People want the choice to call, text, chat, or email. If they are in a hurry, they want an option available right now—even if it is the middle of the night on the weekend. AI (artificial intelligence) chatbots can fulfill this need, providing interactive communication and answers to common questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Quality is king in content marketing. Valuable, high-quality content is essential for creating a good website. It is also a vital aspect of marketing. However, far too many marketers still fall back on outdated techniques of great filler or poor-quality content, liberally sprinkled with keywords. Google’s recent updates, especially MUM, are focused on better understanding the searcher’s intent rather than precisely matching keywords. That means the importance of quality and valuable information will increase.

The key to effective content marketing is providing value. Create content with a unique perspective, detailed, in-depth information, or original research. Produce articles people will want to read, videos they want to watch, and photos they want to see.

Patient experience is paramount. Marketing does not stop when you get a lead. In fact, every interaction you have with a patient will help shape their view of your practice. A positive experience not only increases the odds of someone becoming a repeat patient but also helps you acquire good reviews and build your reputation.

Customer service training for your team, convenient appointment scheduling options, rapid responses to messages and emails, and a friendly atmosphere in your office are just a few examples of simple ways to improve your patient’s experience.

Flexibility. We can analyze current marketing trends and anticipate what will likely be top performers in the coming months and years. However, there are always unknowns. For example, the development of new technology, the rise and fall of social networks, and major Google algorithm updates can be game-changers. Furthermore, the constantly changing COVID-19 situation always holds the potential to change consumer behaviors (again) dramatically. Therefore, one of the most critical components of this year’s marketing strategy should be flexibility.


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Stay at the Forefront

One of the best ways to stay a step ahead of the competition is to remain at the forefront of emerging marketing trends and new technologies. Keep an eye on the latest trends and look for unique opportunities throughout the year to up your marketing game.

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