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Is your job posting not receiving as many applicants as you expected? Sometimes dermatology practices find they are not getting any interest in their ad. How do you convince qualified physicians to apply to your job? Here are a few things that make all the difference.

1. Know What Sets You Apart

As a practice, what do you have to offer that other dermatologists do not? Do you have access to proper staffing? Do you have the latest technology? Your ad must describe why your practice is an amazing place to work. Read your ad from the perspective of a job seeker, and make sure you include all the information for which they are looking. If you are a solo practice, mention the opportunity to grow a different aspect of the practice. If you are involved with research, share this information with prospective applicants.

2. Make Your Ad Stand Out

Currently, dermatologists are high in demand, and there are numerous job postings listed in our publications. Make sure you have a clean, concise job posting. In our fast paced world, everything needs to have a design element to be noticed. Do you need a marketing campaign to create your job postings? Maybe not, but you do have to make an effort to catch the eye of potential candidates. If you are not corporation funded, mention this fact. If you are a group of physicians without any midlevels, highlight this information. Conversely, if you have midlevels that can help with documentation and patient care, you should advertise this opportunity.

3. Practice Professional Communication

Consider each potential applicant a colleague. Job hunting can be onerous, and responding to every inquiry promptly will make a big impression. By answering emails and communicating professionally, you will stand out and show job seekers that (s)he is a priority to you and your practice.

4. Include Proper Keywords

When you post online, you must utilize keywords. To allow physicians to easily find your dermatology job posting, include your specific location and dermatology terminology to drive more job seekers to see your ad. For example, jobs located within a 20-mile radius of New York City should include the search terms “NYC,” “Northeast,” and/or “driving distance to New York.”

5. Recruit from Within

Your current physicians and office staff can be key to finding new physicians or midlevels to join your practice. Not only do they already know your practice, they will also benefit from finding capable candidates who are the right fit. Attracting job seekers to apply for your job is simple if they already work for you or know someone who does.

6. Be Specific

When searching for someone to join your dermatology practice, save yourself the time and frustration of not providing enough information. The more specific you are, the more likely you will reach the perfect candidate. Highlight details about the salary, benefits, and requirements. If you don’t leave the job seekers guessing, you are more likely to receive qualified applicants.

Make Your Practice Shine

At the end of the day, if you go the extra mile when looking for a new physician, it will pay dividends down the line when they become an integral part of your practice. Follow these tips so you don’t miss out on the perfect candidate because they did not see your job posting. Be visible and make your practice shine.

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