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These days, patients have more choices than ever before for their skincare needs. With an abundance of products, services, and treatment facilities available to them, new patients often resort to using price as the main criterion for selecting a provider. As a practice, you can help distinguish yourself from the masses by highlighting the unique credentials of your team. Importantly, doing so will encourage patients to focus on the quality of your services rather than just your prices when making important decisions.

One of the easiest ways to enhance your office’s image as a leading authority is to have your staff incorporate a strategy known as “walk and talk credentialing” into each appointment. In the few seconds it takes to walk someone from one room to the next, your staff can actually strengthen a patient’s impression of the practice. This credentialing concept is best visualized by thinking of a baton being handed off from one staff member to the next. The idea behind this strategy entails each staff member delivering a credentialing statement about the next person the patient will be seeing. By casually offering facts about co-workers, your office can build a strong relationship with the patient and enhance the credibility of your team.

Promoting expertise doesn’t have to be limited to the medical providers. The receptionist, esthetician, and office manager each contribute to the patient’s overall impression of your brand. Offering facts, such as how long employees have been in the industry, or sharing personal accomplishments, will help set up the next staff member for success when interacting with a patient.

In Action

Have each staff member create a list of five credentialing statements about themselves and combine those to form a credentialing guide for your team.

Below are examples of how to implement “walk and talk” statements into the patient experience:

  • “Mrs. Jones, we are going to exam room three where you will be seen by our PA Nancy. She has performed over 3,000 filler injections and actually trains her peers on the latest injection techniques. You are in great hands with her!”
  • “Before leaving, Mrs. Jones, make sure to see our Esthetician Kelly. She has amazing camouflage make-up techniques and can show you a few tips to help accentuate your cheek bones.”

When dealing with price shoppers, promoting everyone’s credentials can serve as a powerful reminder that outcomes are determined by factors beyond pricing, such as the experience of the provider. Offering information about advanced training or personal achievements can gently remind patients that there is more to consider for a treatment than cost. Remember, it is estimated to be six to seven times more expensive to gain a new patient than it is to retain one. Simply have your staff incorporate “facts” into each conversation to help form relationships that are resilient to price wars. n

Tracy Drumm Weldon is a medical marketing expert with over 13 years of aesthetic experience. Check out her latest marketing book featuring 100’s of tips to grow your practice at

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