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Ihave found that some of the most fundamental parts of growing a business are often overlooked due to their simplicity. The first question I ask when working with a new practice is, “What is the purpose of your business?” While most dermatologists have a basic idea behind what drives them, many haven’t taken the time to solidify these thoughts. Even fewer have taken the time to transform their motivations into a concise and clear message that can be articulated to others.

Creating a mission statement can impact your practice in many ways. By defining why your business exists, you provide everyone connected to the practice a compass for moving forward. Begin exploring your mission by asking yourself why you do what you do:

  • What made you choose your specialty?
  • What fuels your practice’s growth?
  • What do you want patients to take away from their experience with your office and how do you want them to remember your brand?

Once you answer these questions, simply turn the thoughts into action statements: “We will…Our goal is…Our mission is…”

If you have an established practice and haven’t determined your mission statement or you have one that needs some “dusting off,” consider getting your team involved in creating the updated version. This will help employees feel invested in delivering the right message to each patient. Once you create or revive this statement, put it on display for your staff to see on a regular basis. Such constant reinforcement will provide a gentle reminder to your team of the overarching goal you collectively work toward each day.

By taking the time to define your business’ “objective,” you can unify your team while simultaneously providing staff members with a license to think. A clearly defined mission empowers employees to make decisions that reflect the company’s brand and values. If you simply teach team members to perform jobs without helping them understand the “why” behind their efforts, you are preventing them from exercising judgment and making good decisions when you are not around.

Whether your mission is to make patients feel better, to offer the most affordable aesthetic treatments, or to provide the latest technology available, talking through this with your team will empower your staff members to act as ambassadors for your business. By defining, teaching, and living your mission, your practice can prosper from a new-found focus. n

Tracy Drumm Weldon specializes an aesthetic medical marketing. For more dermatology marketing tips, visit

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