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Liquid FaceLifts Continue to Improve

“The way that we use our fillers is very revolutionary compared to what it used to be. It’s not just about filling in fine lines. We’re revolumizing the face. We’re lifting in certain areas. We’re combining that with different technologies, including our neuromodulators…A lot of people don’t realize that neuromodulators are not just made for the forehead and around the eyes,” says Suneel Chilukuri, MD. Non-surgical approaches can create a similar effect to a facelift. Devices for tightening and resurfacing are also part of the non-surgical approach.

Devices are Important: Vet Your Options

I would caution anybody to buy a device that hasn’t been on the marketplace for at least two years and has a lot of people with a lot of experience using it,” warns Amy Forman Taub, MD. “I myself have made some incorrect purchases.” Don’t be a dabbler, either, she says.

The Best Approach is a Pan-facial approach

“There’s no zone that’s off limits, unless it’s a danger zone in terms of anatomy or vasculature—Very important to know your anatomy…I am trying to re-contour the face and achieve that beautiful triangle of youth,” notes Ava Shamban, MD. Don’t get hung-up on treating discreet anatomic sites, like the lips or the cheeks. Don’t overlook the brows. The brow is commonly overlooked-resulting in an unnatural, unattractive look.

Why Go FULL ABLATIVE? It's Not Your Grandmother's Procedure

“I never abandoned full-face CO2...It’s not your grandmother’s resurfacing...It’s not this multiple pass, painful CO2 laser where people were red for weeks.”

For the upper lip, you need to deliver energy deeply, E. Victor Ross, MD, says. He feels that fractional lasers don’t deliver energy deeply enough for some of the deep wrinkles around the mouth. n

To see more, visit and watch coverage from Maui Derm for Dermatologists. Clinical and cosmetic dermatology experts recap their presentations from the meeting.

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