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The countdown to the end of the year is well underway, which means the time is right for dermatology and aesthetic practices to put their plans into action to make the most of the holiday season.

To end the year on a positive note, focus on using this time to package your products and services in ways that help patients commit to coming back to your practice. This is an ideal way to generate additional revenue for year end, and hopefully let you start off the year with a flurry of first-time patients eager to cash in their gift cards.

Match the packages to the patients

It’s important to be mindful of the circumstances of your target audience to get the tone just right. For example, if your practice is in a market where the economy has taken a major toll, don’t overwhelm clients with big ticket packages that may be over budget for many of them. Focus on skincare and one-off treatments, such as a gift card for a rejuvenating facial that includes a massage and a take-home gift of product samples. Offer a range of options starting with a few affordable gifts up to the more luxe choices, such as a series of four body sculpting treatments.

Keep it festive and upbeat. Consider packaging your most popular treatments, your bread and butter, with creative ideas:

  • Holiday Happiness—this keeps it generic in terms of holiday and treatments
  • Joy to the Girl—spa services, face or body
  • Merry & Bright—series of light-based treatments or microneedling
  • Better Not Pout—lip filler treatments
  • New Year, New Shape—series of body sculpting treatments

You can save some or all of these offers for new patients only but be wary of ticking off the ones who have stuck with you over time. Create something special or a personalized experience to offer exclusively to your loyal patients.


Fee for one treatment session (this can be customized per patient in terms of syringes or units, etc.)

Calculate how many treatments are needed in 1 year to keep up the results

Include something extra to add value (facial skincare product, sunscreen)

Calculate the offer in dollar amounts:

  • Total regular fee for treatment as indicated
  • Minus percentage or $$ deducted
  • Underscore that this offer is a limited-time pre-purchased fee
  • Show the final savings

To make your holiday offers truly enticing to patients, they need to come in at a minimum of 25% savings off the retail price. Consumers are constantly bombarded with 15-20% discounts from every company, brand, restaurant, or hotel, so less than that may not be very compelling. Furthermore, for medspas it may be appropriate to use words like ‘sale’ or ‘discount’ in the marketing plan, but I personally would not recommend going there for medical practices as it may send the wrong message.

For example, let them know that the vendors and companies you deal with will be implementing price increases on their products in January, and you want them to have a chance to pre-purchase treatments now to get in on the best pricing before the new increases kick in.

Keep Them Coming Back

Obviously, patients will achieve better outcomes from most non-invasive treatment options when they stay the course with a series or more.

Underscore that these special end-of-year packages are a one-off event that has a beginning and end. For example, Monday, December 5 to Friday, December 23, which is 2 full weeks. Of course, you can extend it as needed by popular demand.

For the best pick-up, show them the math. When they calculate the savings that your holiday end-of-year packages offer, they may be more likely to make the purchase in advance.

Another strategy to consider is to offer patients the opportunity to customize a plan just for them based on their wants, needs, and what they want to spend. This may be as a gift for a family member or lucky friend, or a treat for themselves while they can take advantage of your end-of-year savings.

P.S. Don’t forget that the Section 179 is an attractive tax deduction for small and medium businesses that ends on December 31. This allows businesses to take an immediate deduction for business expenses related to depreciable assets, such as capital equipment that includes lasers and light devices, as well as computers and software, to lower your current-year tax liability. So that old clunker in your practice can be replaced with a new laser system you have been looking at with all the bells and whistles your patients are asking for so you can start 2023 ready to take your business to the next level. Consult with your accountant or the IRS for details.

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