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Topic: Skin of Color

News | June 17, 2019

Sonrei Sea Clearly Gel Sunscreens Launch

A new eco-friendly, gel-based sunscreen line from Sonrei, LLC is now available. “Crafted for every kind,” Sonrei is driven by a commitment of bringing to market a translucent broad-spectrum SPF with environmental principles at...

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News | June 11, 2019

Gillette Skin Guard Reduces Razor Bumps by 60%

Gillette’s recently launched SkinGuard razor is helping men who are susceptible to razor bumps, also known as Pseudofolliculitis barbae or PFB, new research shows. Results from a recent clinical study from Wake Forest...

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News | March 28, 2019

PALLAS Ti: Sapphire Solid State Laser Shows Similar Efficacy and Safety to 308nm Excimer Laser for Localized Vitiligo

A novel 311nm Titanium:Sapphire UV laser demonstrates comparable efficacy and safety when compared to 308nm excimer laser in the treatment of localized vitiligo, according to a study recently published in Lasers in Surgery and...

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Aesthetics Management | March 2019

New OTC Topicals Target Hyperpigmentation, Melasma

There's a new and expanding menu of options to improve uneven tone, proving that OTCs can provide benefit for a vexing concern.
Jeanine Downie, MD

Hyperpigmentation is one of the more vexing skin problems for patients—particularly darker-skinned patients—and the dermatologists who treat them. For years, hydroquinone has been considered the gold standard for treating...

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February 2019

Long-term Management Strategies for AD, Melasma, and More

After the acute treatment phase, experts urge a long-view on management.

Protecting the Barrier in Adult Atopic Dermatitis “I still think it’s so important to remember topical fundamentals,” says Peter Lio, MD. Skin barrier dysfunction is a feature of AD, whether genetically mediated or...

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