New from Nerium: Prolistic Probiotic Products

Nerium International introduced Prolistic Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins Powder Packets and Prolistic Skin-Balancing Lotion with Probiotic Technology.

The new Prolistic Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins Powder Packets are poured directly into the mouth—no water or mixing needed. Prolistic Probiotic Powder is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, without added sugars, non-GMO, and vegan.

Prolistic Skin-Balancing Lotion with Probiotic Technology is formulated with Nerium International’s exclusive ProRenew Plus, a proprietary prebiotic and probiotic lysate blend. Prolistic Lotion helps support the skin’s natural renewal process and improve the skin’s barrier by maintaining a healthy microbiome. Plus, this lightweight, pH-balanced lotion imparts long-lasting hydration.

Prolistic Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins is available for purchase in a 30-day supply for $60 through Nerium and is also available for purchase from an Independent Brand Partner. Prolistic Skin-Balancing Lotion with Probiotic Technology is available for purchase for $60 at and is also available for purchase from an Independent Brand Partner.

Alastin Skincare Launches Restorative Neck Complex

Alastin Skincare, Inc. has incorporated its proprietary TriHex Technology into a new product designed for the specific needs of the neck and décolletage: Restorative Neck Complexwith TriHex Technology.

This breakthrough treatment is formulated to address the unique challenges of the area below the chin and above the chest such as crepey skin, skin laxity, and photo-aged discoloration that may accumulate over time. The TriHex Technology in Alastin’s new Restorative Neck Complex helps correct these signs of aging, resulting in a firmer, more elastic, and smoother appearance of the neck and décolletage and a more even skin tone.

Alastin Skincare says it has developed products designed to enhance skin health and reawaken the skin’s natural ability to repair and rejuvenate itself. TriHex Technology supports the production of new elastin and collagen and helps rebuild and recycle the skin’s extracellular matrix (ECM) by clearing out byproducts of aging from exposure to sun and pollution. This, in turn, promotes the skin’s capacity to generate fresh, new skin that is strong and supple.

All Alastin products are fragrance-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Alastin Restorative Neck Complex retails for $110 and can be purchased from Alastin Skincare aesthetic physicians’ offices.

Revision to Launch Intellishade TruPhysical

Revision Skincare is introducing Intellishade TruPhysical, formulated with a proprietary blend of more than 20 age-defying ingredients. The four-in-one moisturizer helps to correct, protect, hydrate and shield skin for a brighter, smoother complexion. According to Revision, it uses groundbreaking technology to provide comprehensive protection and clinically-proven results. The formulation uses 100 percent all-mineral technology, and no hidden chemical sunscreens to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared radiation (IR).

The formulation includes 14.4% Zinc Oxide, 4.4% Titanium Dioxide, and a blend of three bioavailable peptides. Additionally, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) from Green Tea Extract, THD Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10) and Vitamin E help to provide antioxidant benefits against environmental stressors. The product will be available beginning in March.

Dr. Brandt Skincare Rolls Out Two New Products

Dr. Brandt skincare is introducing Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask and Antioxidant Water Booster. The new sleeping mask is powered by Dr. Brandt Skincare’s Biotic Balancing Complex, an oligosaccharide and yogurt powder that helps restore natural pH levels, a lactococcus ferment lysate that improves skin integrity, and Dr. Brandt’s signature antioxidant tri-blend composed of manuka honey and tea extracts to protect the skin against environmental stressors. The overnight leave-on mask also combines redness-relieving peptides with the antioxidant properties of tea and soothing boswellia and honey. A deeply hydrating blend of ceramides, fatty acids, soothing actives, and tamarindo extract also works to restore dry skin in 24 hours while maintaining the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Dr. Brandt skincare’s Antioxidant Water Booster is a supplement formulated with an antioxidant trio of green tea, white tea, and grape seed extract to fight free radicals from within, helping to keep the complexion rejuvenated and restored. With a light, tea-like taste, the drops can be added to any beverage or meal.