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Makucell Unveils Renewnt

Makucell, Inc., a pioneering regenerative biotechnology company, recently released the Renewnt (pronounced “Re-new-int”) brand. Renewnt's proprietary ingredient, Asymmtate, is a new approach to cellular aging, optimizing signals in the Wnt (pronounced “wint”) pathway. Optimal signaling stimulates skin stem cells to begin the process leading to keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and other dermal cells, which produce collagen, elastic tissue, and substances in the supporting skin matrix, according to the company. Makucell's current Renewnt skin care product line includes Renewnt for Hydration, Renewnt for Strength, Renewnt for Firmness, and Renewnt for Brightness.

Cellulaze Three-Year Results Released

In January of this year, Cellulaze was FDA cleared as the first and only procedure to address the anatomy of cellulite. At the time, studies showed long-lasting results after just one treatment, lasting up to a year. Yet, current research shows results lasting up to three years after one Cellulaze treatment.

Elastin-rp™ Three-Step System Released

Elastin-rp is a threestep regimen (cleanse, rebuild, and replenish) that helps to reverse elastin loss. BioActive Skin Technologies states it is the first skincare treatment to stimulate the skin's own elastin production. The system also delivers an immediate firming effect, with visible results in just five minutes, according to the company. The products within the line include Deep Cleansing Gel, Intensive Treatment Serum, Replenishing Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15, and Replenishing Night Cream.

New Extreme Protect SPF 30 Now Available

Innovative Skincare released an SPF treatment product to help protect against the development of skin cancer. Extreme Protect SPF 30 is part of the company's recently launched iS line that uses moisturizers and protectants to shelter the skin from sun exposure. The formulation incorporates a micro-encapsulated form of octinoxate and micro-fine zinc oxide in combination with Extremozymes, which leverage enzymes' ability to protect the skin from the environment, according to the

Beyond Clear Acne System Released

Beyond Clear with Clarifoam Technology clears breakouts without the irritation while helping to prevent future acne. According to the company, the product line increases skin hydration; balances, repairs, and strengthens the skin's natural moisture barrier; and smoothes and refines skin texture. The Clarifoam Technology Foam Delivery System eliminates the irritation of benzoyl peroxide by encapsulating it in an emollient foam. The three-step Skin Clearing System includes a Pure Purifying Cleanser, Clear Clarifying Treatment, and Healthy Skin

Anti-aging Night Cream Launches in August

The Glytone Anti-aging Night Cream is the latest addition to the Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging range and will be released next month. Containing 5.5% glycolic acid, photo-stabilized vitamin E, red tea flavonoids, caprooyl tetrapeptide- 3, and acetyl tetrapeptide-2, the night cream revitalizes skin firmness and elasticity, according to the company. The product can be applied daily in the evening to the entire face, neck, and décolleté.

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