Cutera, Inc. is donating an enlighten tatoo removal laser along with clinical training and service to Homeboy Industries, a gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in Los Angeles.

Homeboy Industries provides parenting classes, anger management and tattoo removal to support former gang members’ re-entry into their families and the workforce. Cutera donated the laser to Homeboy Industries’ Tattoo Removal Clinic.

“Homeboy Industries’ mission, rehabilitation programs and community support is what Cutera is extremely passionate about,” says Michael Karavitis, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, Cutera Inc., in a news release. “Homeboy Industries population needs tattoo removal for various reasons that includes as first priority removal of the most visible, those tattoos that may alter the course of a job interview, hinder employment, prevent a return to high school, is a sex traffic branding and a painful, emotional tag and scar. At Cutera, we want to provide these men and women with a second chance by creating a clean slate - literally.”

 “We are grateful for the Cutera partnership and their donation of a new tattoo removal technology,” says Thomas Vozzo, CEO, Homeboy Industries. “This new tattoo laser removal machine will advance our tattoo removal practices, allow for us to provide less painful sessions, and cut down considerably on the number of treatments necessary to remove our client’s tattoos. We know this new Cutera machine will lead to the overall betterment of our tattoo removal clinic and the care we are able to provide to our clients.”