Oculus Innovative Sciences' SebuDerm Gel Available


Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc.’s  Microcyn-based SebuDerm Gel is available in the US. As a prescription product, SebuDerm Gel is intended to manage and relieve the burning, itching, erythema, scaling, and pain experienced with seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis.  The gel, which was granted FDA 510(k) clearance late last year, also helps to relieve dry, waxy skin by maintaining a moist wound and skin environment, which is beneficial to the healing process.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), such as that found in Microcyn Technology, has been shown in non-clinical studies to kill bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi through well-studied mechanisms of action, including denaturation, a process in which the structure of surface proteins on the microorganism are irreversibly changed or damaged.  This results in the destruction of pathogen. Human bodies have evolved over thousands of years to produce HOCl naturally to kill infection-causing microbes quickly and without presenting the opportunity for those pathogens to mutate and become resistant. Oculus believes it has chemically engineered its Microcyn Technology to mimic the body’s natural response to unwanted organisms, without the undesirable side effects resulting from the overuse of antibiotics.

Zoe Draelos, MD, president of Dermatology Consulting Services in High Point, NC, commented, “Seborrheic dermatitis is a common condition afflicting men and women of all ages that is challenging for dermatologists to treat.  While treatment options exist, recurrence is common and few options exist for disease maintenance.  A new addition to the dermatologist’s armamentarium, such as the Microcyn technology, will be welcome.”

“Our new Microcyn-based SebuDerm gel adds a valuable tool to the dermatologist’s bag when it comes to combatting both seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis,” said Jeffrey Day, president of IntraDerm Pharmaceuticals, Oculus’ dermatology division. “Nearly a quarter of the general population is afflicted with seborrheic dermatitis, thus a solution that resolves this ubiquitous skin disease is anticipated to be widely embraced.”

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