Thermi, an Almirall company, is launching Arvati, a next-generation 510K US Food and Drug Administration-cleared, true temperature-controlled radiofrequency platform that powers a range of Thermi procedures including ThermiTight, ThermiRase, ThermiSmooth Face and ThermiVa.

Arvati delivers rapid, precise, and consistently controlled output of radiofrequency to tissue to induce positive tissue change by stimulating collagen production to enhance various skin areas. The platform is built upon increased power as well as optimized two-way real time temperature-controlled algorithms.

Arvati amplifies the science of heat with Epic Technology. With optimized radiofrequency delivery, Arvati provides consistent dosage of heat while keeping clinicians in complete control throughout the treatment. The technology also features an enhanced 50-watt capacity generator, which maximizes the power to efficiently treat all body areas while helping clinicians reach desired set temperatures 63 percent faster, thereby significantly reducing total treatment times. Arvato also includes software that offers real-time temperature monitoring with control algorithms that ensures a consistent temperature and radiofrequency dosage throughout the treatment with all the Arvati modalities. Initial experience shows temperature stays within 1 degree of the set temperature 99.7 percent of the treatment time.

As part of the ARVATI launch, existing Thermi customers in the U.S. will be offered the ARVATI platform at a significant discount, and ARVATI will become available in other markets around the world in the near-term.

"In my office, I use a variety of Thermi treatments to tighten and improve the appearance of skin all over the body including on the face and jawline, around the arms and abdomen and the vaginal area," says San Diego, Calif. dermatologist Mitchel Goldman, MD, in a news release. "Safety and convenience are key considerations for my patients, and with ARVATI, they are thrilled with the results."