Study: Nutrafol's Core Products Provide Benefits Across Sexes, Ethnicities

Study Nutrafols Core Products Provide Benefits Across Sexes Ethnicities image

Nutrafol’s core products provide improvement in hair growth, coverage, density, and volume across diverse ethnicities, results of a new study show.

The six-month, single blind study was conducted by Dr. Sophia Kogan, Tess Marshall, and Dr. Isabelle Raymond to test the effectiveness of Nutrafol’s core products (Nutrafol Men, Women, Women’s Balance) in men and women of diverse ethnicities. “We saw clinical and statistically significant improvements in hair growth and quality in both men and women using Nutrafol, and these improvements were consistent across racial and ethnic groups,” says Isabelle Raymond, PhD, Nutrafol’s Vice President of Clinical and Medical Affairs.  

Results, published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, show that 84% of all men and 80% of all women showed significant improvement in overall hair growth, coverage, density, and volume at weeks 12 and 24. 

The study was undertaken because, while hair loss and thinning is a common condition affecting both men and women, significant differences in hair loss exist between sexes, according to Dr. Raymond. “These sex differences in hair loss further expand amongst various racial and ethnic groups, and cultural differences may also be involved. Two of Nutrafol’s previously published randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trials demonstrated a significant increase in terminal and vellus hairs as well as significant improvements in overall hair growth and quality in women," she says.

“The primary purpose when conducting this study was to evaluate the efficacy of Nutrafol when used in both men and women of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. In other words, we wanted to evaluate if Nutrafol will work for everyone, and what results clinical experts and patients can expect to see.”

The subject population included Black/African American, Asian, Hispanic Caucasian and Non-Hispanic Caucasian individuals. Subjects of multiple ethnicities (African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Caucasian) showed statistically significant improvement in hair growth, overall volume/thickness/fullness, and appearance of coverage when taking Nutrafol.

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