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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the premier place to debut new technology, and health and beauty remained two of the hottest growth categories at the 2023 show in January. Here’s a peek at some of this year’s hottest devices.


Set for launch in 2023, L’Oréal’s Brow Magic is akin to at-home microblading. The electronic eyebrow makeup applicator is powered by the L’Oréal-owned augmented reality beauty app ModiFace. Users choose the shape and thickness of their ideal brow and hold the device up to their brow line as 2,400 nozzles print 1,200 drops per inch of eyebrow makeup. This device uses technology from the nonpermanent tattoo startup Prinker. The eyebrow art can be washed off with regular makeup remover.

My take: Microblading has become extremely popular as thin, heavily plucked brows have fallen out of favor. People currently want thick, bushy brows, which is why eyebrow-thickening serums are flying off store shelves. The device could become very popular if it delivers what the company says it can.


Developed by Amorepacific, this at-home beauty device comes with active chips containing waterless formulations that can address different skin problems. Patients choose the right chip for their needs and insert it into the device. Water flows into the chips to create uniformly combined formulations. The device was named an honoree at CES 2023 in the home appliance category.

My take: There is no substitute for seeing a dermatologist to address skincare concerns, but this type of technology may be helpful in some situations.


This AI-powered system allows users to create bespoke facial serums based on their individual skin issues and local environmental data using BreezoMeter technology, a provider of real-time air quality data. This was named an honoree at CES 2023 in the digital health category.

My take: Skincare enthusiasts are sure to embrace this innovative technology. I look forward to learning more about it and its value to other consumers.


L’Oréal’s Hair Reader measures factors that influence color’s effectiveness, including hair color, gray percentage, length, and density. It was named an honoree at CES 2023 in the digital health category.

My take: This device could provide information that could be helpful to dermatologists and patients during a consultation for hair thinning and loss and to aestheticians and consumers who are seeking a personalized hair care regimen.

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