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After 10 years in Las Vegas, Cosmetic Surgery Forum is now in Nashville for 2019 and 2020! As the founder of this conference, I am personally excited to be changing the location and experiencing an entirely new venue, and I believe that our attendees and exhibitors will be surprised at how varied the Nashville environment is.

Our content, faculty, and focus on a discursive, entertaining, and collegial meeting will, of course, remain the same. But the opportunity to explore new restaurants, theaters, and live-event venues is remarkable in this powerhouse of a town (they don’t call it Nash-Vegas for nothing!). Additionally, our hotel, the brand-new JW Marriott, is the tallest hotel in Nashville and has 35 floors with modern, spacious facilities and gorgeous architecture.

Our previous attendees know why CSF is special, but for those who may not have had the exposure, CSF encourages discussion by keeping lectures to six to eight minutes maximum with 10 minutes total allotted. This, the fact that no discussion or topic is off-limits, and an emphasis on new topics and ideas that have not been presented at other conferences, makes this an ever-changing conference. No two conferences are ever the same!

Many of our attendees will be happy to know that the laws in Tennessee allow for the live injection sessions that were impossible this past year in Las Vegas. We are looking forward to having the ability to showcase the injection techniques of our uniquely talented faculty to educate the next generation of dermatologists and the already talented attendees of CSF!

What to expect in Nashville?

Many people, including me, have not been to Nashville in several years or maybe not at all. I recently went there for a tour of the new facility and to prepare for our meeting. The experience of the new Nashville was amazing!

The most impressive thing about Nashville is the focus on not only country music, but every other variety of music, too. This focus is not only in clubs, but just about everywhere you go. Music is a passion for people in this town, from the Uber driver to the boutique owner. They take their music seriously and the presentation and selection is unique. I can’t recall hearing any bad music while I was there and, in every live venue I visited, the music was compelling and memorable.

Food is at a different level from any town Nashville’s size. Hundreds of different restaurants with ethnic to classical food await the visitor. We ate at one vegan, one mainstream/foodie, and one steakhouse restaurant during our visit and were delighted with the options and breadth of choices.

The area around the JW Marriott hotel is spacious and within five blocks of the main strip (Broadway) where clubs range from country to any other musical choice. At about 15 minutes from the hotel, the airport is also conveniently placed.

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Our hotel’s facilities are spotless and flawless. The meeting space is well-designed, easily reached (no long walks!), and smoke-free, a welcome thing after 10 years in smoke-filled Vegas. The rooms have high ceilings to allow for better projection of presentations, and the banquet facilities are cleverly arranged for maximal options for quick delivery of meals while keeping the meals fresh and warm/cold. Staff is warm and welcoming, with the typical southern hospitality you might expect.

Lastly, the vibe of Nashville is cool, but welcoming. All ages, from teens to octogenarians, are present in downtown and on Music Row, with musical tastes to suit everyone. The crowds are polite and friendly and the staff all seem to be musicians waiting for their chance at stardom, so they are a bit more helpful with strangers as they were once strangers themselves. It is an unusual and refreshing change from other tourist cities!

Natasha, Meg, Nancy, and I look forward to welcoming the over 5,000 attendees, exhibitors, and partners who have attended CSF in the first 10 years to Nashville. A special shout-out to Dr. Michael Gold and his wife, Cindee, who helped immeasurably in so many ways in this process.

Core physicians who register for CSF by March 31, using the code PDSAVE225, can save $225 off registration for CSF 2019:

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