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In each issue, Practical Dermatology® magazine spotlights a new medication or cosmeceutical that dermatologists are recommending to patients. Here, dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, MD, founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Birmingham, AL, discusses Cyspera Intensive System, a newly upgraded three-product system for treating hyperpigmentation.

What is Cyspera Intensive System?

Corey L. Hartman, MD: Cyspera Intensive System is an improvement on the original formulation. Cysteamine is a potent depigmenting agent that has been around for almost 100 years. The problem was stabilization and smell. The odor was significant in the original 5% strength cream. The new formulation takes the strength up to 7% and takes down the smell significantly. It also contains a proprietary cysteamine isobionic-amide complex, which is an upgrade on niacinamide.

The new three-product system includes, Cyspera Intensive, which delivers antioxidants to improve the appearance of dark spots; Cyspera Neutralize, which neutralizes and balances the skin’s pH; and Cyspera Boost, which evens skin tone and improves complexion.

How does Cyspera Intensive System stand out from other products in this category?

Dr. Hartman: This is so much better than anything else out there. Every few months something new comes along for hyperpigmentation, but nothing has been able to rival what hydroquinone can achieve. We have not been satisfied because none of them really deliver. This is the first time a hyperpigmentation product can rival the effects of hydroquinone. Cysteamine doesn’t cause a halo effect and also produces a nice evening out of the overall skin tone. It works along four different points in the melanin cascade to determine how much pigment is produced.

How do you suggest that patients use this product?

Dr. Hartman: I suggest applying Intensive first thing in the morning for 15 minutes before washing your face. This step is followed by two pumps of Neutralize, which should be massaged in and then rinsed off. After that, patients can apply a thin layer of Boost to their face. Initially, treatment is daily. After improvements are noted, maintenance is twice a week.

What results do patients see with regular use?

Dr. Hartman: Patients are seeing results in as little as four weeks with the new formulation. Treating dark hypertrophic scars after acne may take longer. Patients are telling me how much they have improved, which is unheard of with other topical hyperpigmentation products.

Which patients is this product ideal for?

Dr. Hartman: This product is ideal for anyone concerned with hyperpigmentation. This is effective on all skin types. Pigment is pigment at the end of the day, and if something can be effective for darker skin types, it can also be effective for lighter skin types. It is well tolerated and not really irritating, especially because it requires such short contact with skin. Cysteamine shouldn’t be used with active vitiligo when trying to bring pigment back.

New Products

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