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In each issue, Practical Dermatology® magazine spotlights a new over-the-counter product or prescription medication or device that dermatologists are recommending for patients. Here Elyse Love, MD, FAAD, a New York City dermatologist, discusses Olay Fearless Artist Series Body Wash with Cocoa Butter, one of three new body washes that are part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to elevate stories of women of color in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

What is Olay Fearless Artist Series Body Wash with Cocoa Butter?

Elyse Love, MD: The Olay Fearless Artist Series Body Wash with Cocoa Butter is part of a new collection of hydrating body washes designed for diverse skin types and concerns. Backed by more than 65 years of science, each body wash in the collection is made with dermatologist-trusted body care ingredients like petrolatum and niacinamide to hydrate to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier. Also available in Aloe or Vitamin C, the body washes in this collection nourish, restore, and balance the skin.

How does Olay Fearless Artist Series Body Wash with Cocoa Butter stand out from other products in this category?

Dr. Love: Petrolatum and Olay Body’s proprietary vitamin B3 Complex are the key ingredients that make this body wash stand out. In my experience, this is a unique ingredient combination I’ve not seen in other body care products. Petrolatum is the number one dermatologist-recommended moisturizing ingredient. It’s very good at keeping moisture in the skin, and it’s not greasy. Vitamin B3 Complex combines niacinamide and pro-glycerin to help the body wash deliver moisture deep into the skin’s surface to hydrate to improve the look and feel of the skin.

And, as part of Olay Body’s ongoing commitment to elevate stories of women of color in art and science, they partnered with African American artist Avery Williamson to design the vibrant artwork that’s on this national canvas of bottles.

Who is this product best suited for?

Dr. Love: The collection was designed by women of color scientists with the unique needs of diverse skin types in mind. This collection is a great option for anyone experiencing dry, ashy, or dull-looking skin who enjoys rich, creamy lather and/or is looking to incorporate effective ingredients into their body care routine. I’ve seen the clinical data and met the scientists behind the collection, and I can tell you that Olay Body is bringing its best to these new body washes.

How do you suggest that your patients use this product?

Dr. Love: I recommend using a body wash from Olay’s Fearless Artist Series once daily for a couple of weeks for the best results. Simply apply the body wash to a mesh puff or the hand and lather with warm water. Showering with water that’s too hot can strip the skin of its natural moisture, and that’s the opposite of what the skin needs. Gently massaging the body with the puff or hand in a circular motion can promote circulation and light exfoliation and can help the skin take in the moisturizing ingredients in the body wash.

How does skincare fit in with your practice philosophy?

Dr. Love: My approach to dermatology is to design a unique skincare plan that fits the individual. Based on the patient’s goals, I recommend lifestyle modifications, over-the-counter and prescription products, and minimally invasive procedures for an effective routine that is easy to comply with.

Is there any blanket advice you offer patients seeking body wash or other products?

Dr. Love: It can be hard to know where to start, but the most important thing to remember is that hydrated skin is healthy skin. I encourage my patients to look for dermatologist-recommended ingredients like petrolatum and niacinamide in products that replenish the skin’s moisture barrier. When skin holds on to moisture, its natural radiance can shine through.

New Products

ClearBalm 3-Step System, Balm Labs

Balm Labs introduced its first line of a products—ClearBalm, a plant-powered, science-driven three-step system formulated with six actives including, hyaluronic acid, squalene, niacinamide, natural AHAs, Bixa Orellana seed extract, and full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD that all work to effectively improve the look and feel of mature, acne-prone skin. Step 1 - Gentle Foam Cleanser, is a light-weight foaming cleanser that effectively eliminates pore-clogging, dirt, and makeup, leaving skin refreshed and nourished. Step 2 - Power Elixir is a pore-refining liquid exfoliant that effectively targets stubborn breakouts and gently revitalizing uneven skin tone and texture, while also reducing the appearance of fine lines. Step 3 - Serum Hydrator is a verified cult favorite that provides lightweight hydration while soothing irritation, calming redness and smoothing fine lines.

Clarity (un)Mask, Navinka Skincare

Navinka Skincare has created a new clay mask formulated to clear, calm, and even skin with a potent dose of detoxifying elements—Clarity (un)Mask. Perfect for acne-prone skin, the combination of anti-microbial spirulina and anti-inflammatory purslane help keep acne at bay, while still being gentle enough for daily use. Magnesium calms the skin, allowing green clay to gently clear clogged pores by lifting and absorbing the build-up of excess oil, while sweet potato extract brightens dull complexion.

Scalp Revival Shampoo, Briogeo

Scalp Revival MegaStrength+ Dandruff Relief Shampoo Charcoal + AHA/BHA with Salicylic Acid 3% is a powerful yet gentle dandruff relief shampoo that uses salicylic and lactic acids to help eliminate scalp flaking and irritation, without stripping hair of vital moisture and nutrients.

Key ingredients include:

  • 3% Salicylic Acid: A beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and an FDA approved OTC active ingredient that eliminates and prevents recurrence of scalp itching, irritation, redness, and flaking due to dandruff, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Lactic Acid: A hydrating alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that provides gentle exfoliation on the scalp, lifting away dryness, excess oils, product buildup, and dirt.
  • Binchotan Charcoal: Detoxifies the scalp and draws out impurities that clog the hair follicle or that cause buildup on the scalp.

The shampoo helps eliminate and prevent recurrence of scalp itching, irritation, redness, and flaking due to dandruff, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Neck Crème, Theraderm

Theraderm introduced its new Neck Crème formulated with a wrinkle-reducing retinol to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, signs of photoaging and hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, acne, blackheads, large and clogged pores, for an overall more youthful appearance. Theraderm’s peptide blend protects the skin and improves upon global signs of aging formed from repetitive facial expressions by relaxing muscle contractions and moisturizing the skin. Plankton extracts feed the skin with vitamins and minerals that help to restore a glowing radiance, giving the neck a brighter and smoother appearance while high zinc content delivers natural antibacterial properties. Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract, an anti-inflammatory extracted from red algae, moisturizes the skin, inhibits new melanin production, and reduces wrinkles and dark spots. Caffeine decreases puffiness and collagen production, improves circulation, reduces wrinkles, brightens skin, combats inflammation, and has antioxidant properties—all while fighting against damaging free radicals. Sodium Hyaluronate reduces dryness and flaking. The Neck Crème features several powerful moisturizing agents as well as niacinamide, which works to lock in moisture and aids in building the lipid barrier, preventing trans-epidermal water loss and maintaining a healthy moisture balance.


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Dimples are in demand. Weren’t genetically blessed with a set? No worries, TikTokkers have you covered. If you rub the eraser of a pencil on your cheek vigorously, it will weaken the muscle, leaving a small ridge or dimple.

Not so fast, warns Jeanine B. Downie, MD, FAAD, director of image Dermatology PC in Montclair, NJ. “This is disturbing,” she says. “You are actually just getting a burn in your face on your epidermis and possible permanent hyperpigmentation and permanent scarring that looks nothing like a dimple. Please don’t do this.”

If someone really, really want dimples, dimpleplasty may be an option. During this procedure, your surgeon crafts one incision for each dimple. As the incision heals, scar tissue is created forming new dimples.

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