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Skintap wants to shake up the way that dermatologists and patients interact. The website allows patients to connect with board-certified dermatologists who are licensed in more than 15 states for an assessment and treatment plan that’s sent right to their door. I spoke with Skintap’s Co-Founder William Giandoni about SkinTap’s evolution and how it is different than other teledermatology technologies out there.

Tell us about Skintap.

William Giandoni: Skintap was founded in 2021 by our three dermatologists: Dr. Morgana Colombo, Dr. Saurabh Singh, and Dr. Mamina Turegano. Our three doctors sought to revolutionize the online dermatology industry by providing fast, convenient, and personalized treatment for patients. If you know you suffer from alopecia or acne, why wait a month-plus to see a dermatologist when you can receive your treatment plan from one of our board-certified dermatologists from the comfort of your own home?

Is Skintap cosmetic only or medical derm as well?

Mr. Giandoni: Skintap is both cosmetic and medical. We provide referrals to dermatologists for cosmetic procedures. On the medical side, we treat alopecia, hyperpigmentation, hyperhidrosis, herpes, rosacea, wrinkles, and aging.

How many dermatologists work with the site?

Mr. Giandoni: Skintap currently has three dermatologists seeing patients via our portal. If you require a cosmetic procedure our referral network has nearly 1,000 board-certified dermatologists. Currently, we are seeing patients in eight states and Washington, DC. We are controlling our growth to make sure we can provide the level of care that our patients deserve. Patient experience is paramount for our doctors.

How will it change the way consumers purchase/use skincare?

Mr. Giandoni: We are bringing dermatology to the patient. Rather than waiting to get an appointment, taking a day off from work, waiting in a waiting room, and waiting to fill your prescriptions, you can come to and fill out a quick medical history survey and condition questionnaire. Then within 24 to 48 hours, you will receive your personalized treatment plan from one of our board-certified dermatologists and within a few days, you will start your treatment.

Where do you see the platform in the next few years?

Mr. Giandoni: We will continue to enhance our patient experience. We want to make a visit to Skintap as easy as possible. We also want to enhance our electronic medical record (EMR) system for our doctors. We will be streamlining the entire EMR so our doctors can be as efficient as possible.

Is it different from other telehealth technologies?

Mr. Giandoni: With other telehealth technologies you don’t always see a board-certified dermatologist. Our dermatologists are the top in their field because that is what our patients deserve. In addition, we have spent the past year building out a referral network. If you come to Skintap and receive a cosmetic consultation and would like a referral for a cosmetic procedure like Botox or filler or something else, we will refer you to a board-certified dermatologist in our referral network.

What are the advantages for patients and providers?

Mr. Giandoni: The biggest advantage for patients is convenience. No more waiting. When you go to ZocDoc or even Teledoc, it could be weeks or months before you can get in to see a dermatologist. For our doctors, the advantages of being on the Skintap team are that by joining our referral network, we will refer you cosmetic patients. In addition, we were founded by three doctors. They know what it takes to provide patients with superior service and positive outcomes.

For example, many of our competitors use different pharmacies across the country. As a result, the quality and composition of their compound prescriptions can vary significantly from one pharmacy to another. So, a patient could get their first prescription compounded from one pharmacy and their refill from another that doesn’t have the same consistency, texture, and in some cases same outcome. Skintap avoids that by using one pharmacy. That is what you get from Skintap, a telehealth company founded and operated by board-certified dermatologists.

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