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International Women’s Day: Botox Cosmetic, IFundWomen Partner for Grant Program

In honor of International Women’s Day, Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, is partnering with IFundWomen, the funding marketplace for women-owned businesses, on a grant program.

Women entrepreneurs can apply for the opportunity to receive one of 20 grants worth $25,000 each, as well as a year of coaching and mentorship to boost confidence, advance knowledge, and inspire action.

The goal of the partnership is to help address the “Confidence Gap” among rising women entrepreneurs. In the U.S., women hold more than half of all management and professional level jobs, but they fall behind men in terms of their representation in leadership roles across various industries, including medicine and financial services.

Applications are open through April 7, 2023, and entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to apply by visiting the website at Applicants are required to agree to the Official Rules of the grant program.

The recipients will be announced in June. By establishing this connection and goodwill today, the hope is to lead future women entrepreneurs to become empowered advocates within their community for long-term impact tomorrow.

“Women are empowered, strong, and confident. Sometimes all that is needed for success is a little support,” says Carrie Strom, President, Global Allergan Aesthetics and Senior Vice President, AbbVie, in a news release. “Allergan Aesthetics, the maker of BOTOX Cosmetic, is focused on empowering confidence through choices backed by science. This partnership and grant program is a natural fit with our brand as is supporting the entrepreneurial ambitions of women. We are committed to enabling the women leaders of tomorrow by giving them the tools for success today.”

While women make up approximately 42% of all business owners in the U.S., on average, they start with about 50% less working capital and receive approximately 2% of all venture capital funding, with women of color founders receiving less than one percent of funding. These disparities lead to feelings of inadequacy and reinforce the “Confidence Gap,” which can impede the success and growth of their businesses.

“Success depends as much on confidence as it does on competence,” adds Karen Cahn, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of IFundWomen. “Despite the many advancements women entrepreneurs have made because of their high levels of competence, the ‘Confidence Gap’ still very much exists. This is especially true for women founders who struggle to secure funding to grow their businesses. These grant programs provide the funding, mentorship, resources, tools, and connections that create better business outcomes. Being selected for a grant like this is key to changing the ratio and closing the ‘Confidence Gap.’”

Visit to learn more about this partnership and follow along on the @botoxcosmetic Instagram and YouTube channels to help women fund their businesses.

Cetaphil Unveils Digital AI Skin Analysis Tool

Cetaphil is launching Cetaphil AI Skin Analysis, a comprehensive skin analyzer offering personalized skin assessment scores and skincare regimen recommendations in seconds.

With the snap of a selfie, the tool’s technology compares the photo to a database of 70,000 diverse skin images to create an inclusive, personalized report revealing skin type, skin concerns and proneness to various skin conditions. Armed with curated insights from eight categories such as acne, redness, hydration, dark spots and wrinkles, consumers can then leverage the results to make more informed skincare decisions.

The AI skin analysis tool is powered by Perfect Corp’s AI Skin Analysis technology and provides a clear, easy-to-follow user experience on the Cetaphil U.S. website. It features AI deep learning technology to deliver precise, personalized skin assessments in seconds.

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis Technology recently underwent validation testing with Dr. Steven R. Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. During the study, the technology was confirmed to have a 95% test-retest reliability rate, delivering consistent, highly accurate skin assessments with each scan. With this powerful technology, consumers can better understand their individual skin concerns as well as the products needed to address them.

“AI skin tech can be a fantastic tool and useful first step in gaining an understanding of one’s personal skincare needs. Bringing digital skin analysis results to a dermatologist appointment allows patients to have a more meaningful visit and productive conversation,” says Dr. Feldman. He recently chatted with Practical Dermatology® magazine on the technology.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cetaphil on their AI Skin experience. AI skin technology has become essential to provide consumers with personalized skincare experiences. With the power of advanced AI tech, Cetaphil’s enhanced retail journey will allow customers to understand their skin and the product regimens needed to their skin goals,” adds Alice Chenh, Founder and CEO at Perfect Corp.

To experience the Cetaphil AI Skin Analysis, visit and scan the QR code with your phone to receive your customized skincare routine recommendation in four simple steps.

BTL Takes a Stand Against Illegal and Counterfeit Aesthetic Devices

BTL is making inroads in its efforts to safeguard medical providers and consumers from counterfeit devices in the United States through legal action and the seizure of illegally imported devices at the border.

BTL has filed court documents stating that defendants use and sell knockoff devices that infringe BTL’s intellectual property rights but also falsely promise results based on clinical research for BTL devices.

“EMSCULPT NEO allows providers to offer a single treatment that builds muscle and burns fat, a first for the industry,” says David Chmel, the CEO of BTL, North America, in a news release. “Given BTL’s success, it’s no surprise that others want to imitate it.”

“BTL leads the industry in clinical studies and treatment efficacy, so our customers can confidently treat patients,” pointed out Rohit Mishra, Director of Product Management. “No one should believe the false promises of imitator devices.”

BTL collaborates with U.S Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to seize counterfeit devices at the border as part of its ongoing anti-counterfeiting program. Recently, CBP seized 20 devices that were illegally imported. Additionally, since last summer BTL has filed eight lawsuits against purchasers and distributors of infringing devices throughout the United States and successfully opposed three applications for infringing trademarks in 2022 alone.

BTL’s efforts are yielding results, with several infringing product lines already taken off the market and thousands of infringing posts removed from social media. Moreover, in February a magistrate judge in Florida recommended an award of over $46,000 in attorney’s fees to BTL on top of a $175,000 judgment for unlawful use of BTL’s trademarks.

“BTL vigorously enforces its intellectual property rights, and we are continually exploring new ways to protect the medical industry from illegal medical devices,” adds Dallin Glenn, BTL’s General Counsel. “Anyone considering the purchase of such a device is on notice that BTL will not stand idly by.”

BTL holds registrations for numerous trademarks and copyrights related to its brands, and its devices are protected by an extensive portfolio of patents.

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